Win Japanese Stuff

Monday, March 17, 2008

Host : LuckyIsle
: Win Japanese Shit of Your Choosing
Prize : 1st prize is anything from Japan under ¥7,000, 2nd-5th prizes will be something Rodent (the blog author) chooses
End Date
: 18 March 2008

How To Enter:
Click on the Contest URL above and follow the instructions to gain yourself some entries.

  • Create something with a visual medium (picture, video, etc) of what you want to win
  • Entries to be posted in the comments of the contest post
  • Link to the contest post in your blog


This is a pretty cool contest and I like the way it's designed. I had to get creative on this one, and that's pretty hard for me as I'm not much of the creative type.

Anyway I was thinking, since my husband loves doing Kendo, I might as well try to win this contest and get him some kendo gear. He needs a bokken for practice, but the ones we found near home weren't of any good quality. We've been searching for an oak one but haven't been successful. Therefore, if I win, I would love, love, LOVE to surprise him with a white oak bokken. (Click on the link to see an example).Here's a picture I drew of him doing kendo. I was inspired when I followed him to his grading. So that's what he'll be doing if I win this! :)

Oh, and if there's any leftover money, if I could get a nice kimono to surprise him in, that'd be great (but I don't have a visual of that). But if that's out of the budget, I would like a nice Japanese charm for my charm bracelet. If that's too hard to find, then I guess I'd like some nice Pocky, or Japanese snacks or candy - anything of a peachy flavor or something you can't get out of Japan.

If that's all too hard to send, you can just send the change. I like foreign money -- could use it sometime when (if) I get to visit Japan! :)