Win A 20" Widescreen Monitor

Friday, February 22, 2008

Host : WhyDoWork
URL : Massive Widescreen Monitor Giveaway
Prize : A 20" Widescreen Monitor
End Date: 31 March 08

How To Enter:
Click on the Contest URL above and follow the instructions to gain yourself to win:
Monitor #1
- Write a post in your personal WhyDoWork blog (on your ‘My Page’)
- Write about their new social networking features on your external blog (information here)
- Subscribe to his feed via email
- Comment on his post with the steps you've taken

Monitor #2
(This contest is geared towards those with web design skills)
- Personalize the design of your ‘My Page’ in your personal WhyDoWork blog with your HTML/CSS skills and they’ll be picking the top 10. It's then narrowed to the top one with their community’s input here.
- Comment on the post to tell him what you've done


Meanwhile, check out's new social networking features. They've transformed their community into a social tool for interacting with others interested in making a living at home.

The new features that they've added include:

- sticky notes to quickly post a question on another member's profile page
- personal pages where you can add whatever you like (including your own advertisements)
- a blog within your personal page where you can share your thoughts and syndicate them with a personal RSS feed
- the ability to search and add friends who may have similar interests, ideas, or even live in the same city!