$1500 Giveaway

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Host : Money Ning
URL : $1500 Giveaway
Prize : $100 -$1500 via PayPal
End Date: 29 February 08

How To Enter:
Click on the Contest URL above and follow the instructions to gain yourself some entries by:
- Subscribing via email / feed
- Stumble his post
- Blog about his site and link to his post

How the giveaway's going to be done:
He will start drawing a winner for 10th days in a row starting March 1st. Each winner will receive $100 (Most people will receive money through PayPal. Those that don’t have a PayPal account will get a $100 amazon gift certificate).

If he has more than 1,000 subscribers (RSS + email) before he draws the last winner on March 10, he will give away another $500 and draw winners for an additional 5 more days. To increase his subscriber count, you can either subscribe to his feed or become an email subscriber.


Cool contest, huh? You should also check out his website - read the story behind his blog. I know how hard it is living within your means. I didn't have a posh childhood as well. I like the content on his blog as he shares his insight and tips on saving money, investing, and a whole lot of other things to achieve financial freedom. I can't wait to get his updates via email!