Four Foods on Friday #18

Saturday, February 23, 2008

This is a cool meme about food. I'm doing it 'cos I love food, and also 'cos I wanna gain some entries to a contest.

The four questions are:

#1. Steak. Plain, steak sauce, hot sauce, ketchup or something else?

Mmmm... steak. I love it with a mix of steak sauce and hot sauce.

#2. Water. Flavored, plain, carbonated. How do you like it?

I'm very health conscious when it comes to water. I'll always drink plain. Never carbonated - it's really bad for your health. I like flavored to, but I try not to drink it, if possible.

#3. What’s your favorite kind of waffle?

I love Belgian waffles with berries and vanilla ice-cream!

#4. If you could have any one new small appliance for your kitchen what would it be and why?

Hmmm... a small appliance. Well, your previous question got me craving for waffles - so I'd like to get a nice waffle iron.


valmg said...

Thanks for playing Four Foods on Friday.

Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

Our waffle maker broke. boohoo. Dh says he want buy me another one as there's not one big enough for our family of 9 without some waffles getting cold while I try to make more.

Karen said...

I love it when my hubby makes waffles. He adds butterscotch chips and they are heavenly.

bunny said...

Valmg - It's a fun game! :)

Laura - Wow! Family of 9. I have lots of bros and sisters myself :)

Karen - Mmmm... that does sound heavenly. YUM!

Corrin said...

seems like the waffles and vanilla ice cream might be worse than the carbonated water. haha.

bunny said...

Corrin - Haha! :) Yup, does seem so, right? Thankfully, I don't have it often.