Win $25 for Subscribing

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Host : Webdiggin
: Win $25 for Subscribing
Prize : $25 (PayPal)
End Date
: 30 April 2008

How To Enter:
Click on the Contest URL above and follow the instructions to gain yourself some entries.

  • Subscribe to their email feed
  • Comment on a post
  • Blog about the contest with all the required links


WebDiggin said...

Hi Bunny,

I think it's great that you've got a bunnymoney blog with pictures of cats. Love it.

The post looks good. That's 25 ballots there plus 1 ballot for the comment on webdiggin...

I know you mentioned you signed up for the email feed, but when I just logged onto feedburner, I didn't see your address. Have you checked your email box and confirmed the subscription?

Anyways, you've got a great chance of winning the $25. Only 2 other people have written posts back to WebDiggin - and that's the easiest way to win this contest. So if you have any other blogs that you control, you can increase your chances by posting there as well.

I'm gonna have a look around your blog. Thanks for visiting!