Four Foods on Friday #24

Thursday, April 10, 2008

As usual, here's my Four Foods on Friday from FunCraftsandRecipes:

#1. What’s your favorite food smell?
Freshly baked apple pie

#2. What’s your favorite kind of apple?
The green ones

#3. What veggies do you like in your salad?
Cherry tomatoes

#4. Share a recipe that uses beef.
(I've always been lazy to type out a recipe :P)
Get one of those taco sets and use beef for the filling, instead of chicken. I love tacos! Yummy!


Karen said...

I love to make tacos. I always think the green apples are too sour. Makes me pucker thinking about it. LOL Happy FFOF.

Lynne said...

Oh! I love the smell of apple pie when it's baking!

valmg said...

Thanks for playing Four Foods on Friday!

Sarafina said...

I know this week's theme was beef, but if you've never tried fish tacos, they are really delicious. Just toss some shredded cabbage and red onions in some lime juice with salt&pepper; slice up some avocado; add a little bit of sour cream; and of course, your favorite cooked fish.

corrin said...

Taco kits were a big treat when we were kids! We thought we were really helping with dinner.

Bunny B said...

Karen - Yup, they sure are sour. That's why I love 'em :)

Lynne - Heavenly scent!

Valmg - Thanks for hosting it!!

Sarafina - Wow! Never heard of fish tacos. Thanks for the tip! Sounds delish! Will try it some time.

Corrin - They're still a treat now - especially when I'm too lazy to cook LOL